Dirty (Bad Series #2)

*Co-written with Stevie J Cole*
Power is rarely an addiction of the pure. And he and I are both irrevocably tainted.
He should be the enemy, but Ronan Cole is an addiction that has driven me to madness. Back and forth we go, up and down, round and round. I hate him. I love him. I want to kill him. No man will ever love me with such twisted depravity. Together we are unstoppable.
But what happens when an enemy dares to comes after us?
The hunt is always better when the queen is just as hungry as her king.
This love story has no heroes.

What Readers Say:

5* Just bloody brilliant!!! When these two authors come together it can only mean one thing… DARK DELICIOUS GOODNESS!!!
5* The story of the ruthless King and his savage Queen continues in the book 2 – DIRTY. This book is so dark and disturbing that no matter how many time I waited for those two characters to get some redeeming qualities they didn’t. In the end, I did understand why they can’t be anything but those two evils relishing on pain, misery, and death.
5* Volatile , explosive , depraved , convoluted and fast paced ! It’s like watching two opposing forces crash and burn and rise like Phoenix from the ashes . What a fantastic book!

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