Have Me (Collateral #3)

I’m lost. Cast adrift. Without purpose.
He’s broken. Angry. Grieving.
Together we were strong. Apart we are driven by nothing but the mindless need for revenge. Hatred can change a person, warping them until they’re nothing but a mangled, twisted version of themselves. And love—well, sometimes love isn’t enough. Is it?
Love. Loss. War. Two people with nothing to lose except each other.
To have and to hold?

What Readers Say:

5* – I’d been dying to get the final conclusion of Rafael and Anna’s story and wow did LP Lovell not disappoint. I loved every twist and turn she wrote for these two characters.
5* – I don’t know what it is but this trilogy ending brought tears to my eyes. Cartel boss and a broken bird come together and love harder than anything. I love their story and how they made it through all the BS.
5* – I am in love with your writing!
This book and the entire series is a masterpiece!

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