Leave Me (Touch of Death #2)

Adelina Ricci was a job, until she became much more. I was tasked to protect her, but I failed. Now she is in the hands of the enemy, and this time, she doesn’t want saving. She’s going to marry him.
We’re bound in a tangled web of loyalty and lies, betrayal and longing. She needs to avenge her father’s death. I just need her.
A princess in a tower. A hero without a cause. A love that may ruin them both.
Leave me or love me?

What Readers Say:

5* Sometimes you don’t want a HEA. Sometimes you want revenge and blood and betrayal and heart break. Welcome to the world of Lovell. Hopefully the next book has my happy ending but meanwhile I’ll immerse myself in the ugly and pain. Just love her strength. Can’t wait for the next one.
5* Leave Me…Another page-turner that had me stressing and nervous. I kept thinking one thing was going to happen and it would go in a different direction. This is a great series and I love/hate the characters.
5* I love everything LP Lovell writes. Gosh I just want to knock Adelina upside the head. This story is so good but damn it’s frustrating too!

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