Love Me (Touch of Death #3)

I am Adelina Ricci-Bianchi, and I will end them all.
My life used to be simple, or as simple as it can be when you’re the daughter of a mafia boss. Then my father was killed, and everything changed.
My new husband is the enemy, but the real monster here is the man I love. Villains parade as heroes, and deceit lies around every corner. They think they can control me. They have no idea what’s coming.
A killer with a heart. A puppet queen. A love pushed to the limits.
Leave me or love me?

What Readers Say:

5* LP deliveries again. I don’t always write reviews but felt like I needed to after reading another review . This is not a typical love and flowers kinda romance it is raw and real. In no way is this book a safe read. It has twists and turns including a beautiful young woman that turns herself into a queen, The author remains true to the characters and delivers a powerful ending.
5* Love me is the conclusion to the fast pace Touch of Death Series. This is book three in this series and man it did not disappoint! I devour this baby in a few short hours and then mourned when it was over.
5* WOW!! This book was absolutely AMAZING!! This is the third book in the Touch of Death Series and a phenomenal conclusion to Adelina & Sasha’s story.

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