Make Me (Kiss Of Death #0.5)

0.5 in The Kiss of Death Series. Prequel novella to Kill Me.
At thirteen years old I was sold, doomed to become a sex slave.
Nicholai Ivanov, boss of the Russian Bratva, gave me the ultimate gift. He saved me from a fate worse than death. He promised to make me strong, because only the strong survive, and the weak die, forgotten and inconsequential.
I now live in a world of blood and violence, where humanity itself is a weakness. My life is not a battle of bad and good, but bad and worse. This is kill or be killed, survival of the fittest.
Make me or break me?

What Readers Say:

5* – Ohhhh My Good god! This will absolutely slay you!
5* – Short, explosive and left me wanting more!
5* – Wow this little book had me hooked! The words totally transported me into their world. I would recommend this a million times over.

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