The Beginning and End of Everything

*Co-written with Stevie J Cole*
A beautiful and raw love story that will challenge the way we think about life and death, fate and consequences. The Beginning and End of Everything provocatively explores the human side of love, grief, and depression.
Her love was peace in his silent war. 
When I was ten years old, Brandon O’Kieffe stole my heart.
When I was sixteen, he broke it.
At twenty-four, he pieced me back together while carving scars on my heart. I thought my love was enough to save him, but some demons consume the soul. 
He was and always would be, the beginning and end of everything. 

What Readers Say:

5* Good books are a dime a dozen but stories that reach in and touch the very core of your soul? Those are rare. The Beginning and End of Everything is one such rare gem.
5* This is raw, a real look at PTSD and what people go through. Not only the ones suffering but those around them. This book will rip you apart.
5* The Beginning and end of Everything stole my heart and took my breath. Days later, I’m still reeling. It’s real, raw, gritty, and it will sucker punch you in the gut.

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