War (Wrong Series #4)

*Co-written with Stevie J Cole*
The kind of life I’ve lived, it haunts you. Stains you. Destroys you. It took everything from me. My love. My family… my transgressions were paid with Tor and Cayla’s blood and I want revenge. Blood. Death. His head in my hands.
I’ve lost everything, and all that’s left to do is end the men who took them from me.
Betrayal. Secrets. Vengeance.
This is war.

What Readers Say:

5* Exciting conclusion to this series of books, lots of twists and turns making the whole series really good reading.
5* After finishing ‘Wire’ and being rendered completely speechless, I didn’t know how Stevie and Lauren were going to top it. But ‘War’, by god have they delivered!!!
5* The series is gripping throughout. Love all the twists and turns. An amazing series as usual girls. Well done

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